Westvleteren 12

Brewery: Westvleteren Brewery Type: Quadruple (Trappist) ABV: 10.2% About: Westvleteren 12 is brewed by a monastery in Belgium called the Saint-Sixtus Abbey and is widely regarded as the best beer in the world. It is sold in limited quantities and, like a fine wine, gets better with age – in fact, it is not recommended to open the bottles…

Black Creek Porter

Brewery: Black Creek Historic Brewery Type: Porter ABV: 5% Appearance / Aroma: This pours nicely, forming a dense, light brown head, similar to a coffee colored mousse. The color of the beer itself is a rich coffee color; dark but slightly translucent. It has a rich roasted malt smell with hints of nutty chocolate. Taste / Feel: First sip…

Trappiste Rochefort

Brewery: Rochefort Brewery, in association with Rochefort Abbey Type: Brown Ale (Trappist) ABV: 9.2% (!) Appearance / Aroma / Body: The beer pours quite delicately and appears rich and creamy, with a medium to thick body. Its smells absolutely beautiful; both soft and sweet. It holds a flowery characteristic – not like hops but more like sweet, fragrant lilacs….

Wellington County Dark Ale

Brewery: Wellington Brewery Type: County Dark Ale ABV: 5.0% Thoughts: Initially notice a good, amber-dark color, but very little head. I don’t detect much of a smell. On the first sip I notice that it has a lighter body than I was expecting and low carbonation. The second sip introduced its sweetness and a familiar raisin and roasted malt…

Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Brewery: Small Town Brewery Type: Dark Ale (with spices and honey notes) ABV: 5.9% Taste: Wow!! It’s basically Dad’s Root Beer with alcohol. I believe it’s a legitimate beer but it’s brewed with spices and other assorted flavors. Highly recommended.

Hockley Dark

Brewery: Hockley Valley Brewing Company Type: Dark ABV: 5.0% Taste: Delicious. Mild-ish for a dark beer. malty and a bit of bitterness towards the end. Medium body.