Bonfire Black Lager

Brewery: Perth Brewery Type: Dark Lager ABV: 5% IBU: 20 Appearance / Aroma: Aroma is sweet and grainy with hint of apple. The colour is similar to a black coffee, dark brown and slightly translucent. The head is fluffy and big. Not so dense but it sticks around. Decent lacing. Taste  / Feel: I’m conflicted on this one because the first…

Release the Hounds

Brewery: Big Rig Brewery Type: Black IPA ABV: 6.2% IBU: 72 Appearance / Aroma: Smell has a good mix of hops and malts; earthy and sweet while working in that distinct perfumy hop aroma. It has a dark, coffee color with a big, thick brown head. Taste / Feel: Right away I can taste the hops. They’re slightly sweet and have…

Dark Horse Lager

Brewery: Thornbury Beverage Company Type:  Dark Lager ABV: 4.8% Appearance / Aroma: This beer has a nice coffee color with a beige, dense head. It smells strongly of raisins and sweet malts. Taste / Feel: Upfront, it’s tangy with a subtle roasted malt undertone. It actually taste like vinegar at time; tangy but salty, almost. Towards the end of the…

Side Launch Dark

Brewery: Side Launch Brewing Company Type: Dark Lager ABV: 5.3% Appearance / Aroma / Body: Side Launch Dark pours quite nicely, with a light head (note that this was consumed before I learned how to pour a beer properly – no marks deducted for my lack of knowledge). The color is a nice chestnut and it smells like tangy…

Wellington County Dark Ale

Brewery: Wellington Brewery Type: County Dark Ale ABV: 5.0% Thoughts: Initially notice a good, amber-dark color, but very little head. I don’t detect much of a smell. On the first sip I notice that it has a lighter body than I was expecting and low carbonation. The second sip introduced its sweetness and a familiar raisin and roasted malt…


Brewery: Carvejaria Kaiser (Brazil) Type: Dark (Black) ABV: 4.6% Taste: Medium body. My initial reaction was that it was sweet and tangy; citrus. There’s no bitterness from hops that I could determine. The beer was dark, with a really nice coffee color but it had little to no harshness. Meghan actually liked it, which should be telling (she doesn’t like…

Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Brewery: Small Town Brewery Type: Dark Ale (with spices and honey notes) ABV: 5.9% Taste: Wow!! It’s basically Dad’s Root Beer with alcohol. I believe it’s a legitimate beer but it’s brewed with spices and other assorted flavors. Highly recommended.

Hockley Dark

Brewery: Hockley Valley Brewing Company Type: Dark ABV: 5.0% Taste: Delicious. Mild-ish for a dark beer. malty and a bit of bitterness towards the end. Medium body.

Wuchak Black

Brewery: Kichesippi Beer Company Type: Dark IPA ABV: 6.0% Taste: Dark and hoppy. Overall not bad but the hoppy bitterness lasts through to the end. It does have some creaminess or thicker body than a normal IPA.  

Waterloo Dark

Brewery: Waterloo Brewing Company Type: Dark ABV: 5.0% Taste: Matly and thin but seems slightly watered down. Overall not too bad.