Jasne Pełne



Brewery: Okocim (Poland)

Type: Lager

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 17

Thoughts: Kind of a dull yellow gold shine to the beer, with a fairly weak but bright white head typical of a Lager.  Lots of carbonation.  Typical sweet yeast European smell.  It’s nice.  It’s fresh and balanced, sweet and light without being boring.  There’s a spicyness to the mix, it’s peppery and pops.  The 5.5% is noticeably pleasant in a lager like this.  Strong strong effort.  Not sure if the coffee I had before this is influencing me but I get subtle notes of banana in there.  You will be interested to hear that this brewer s dedicated to only using 3 ingredients in their beer making since 1845: water/barley malts, and hops.  Well done to get it so balanced and interesting.  Very nice.

Here’s to Friday afternoon in the sun!


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