Brewery: Nita Beer Company (Ottawa, Canada)

Type: Blonde Ale

ABV: 5%

IBU: 44.6 (Yes… they gave it to a decimal place…I don’t know why)

Thoughts:   Lots of carbonation happening.  Golden shine- looks more like a lager/pilsner than an ale- I guess that’s where the blonde ale comes in though.  Very thin and delicate head quickly taken care of by the many bubbles.  Gentle floral sweetness to the nose- it’s nice on the nose.  Dang it’s fresh.  Balanced maltiness / hops flavouring.  This is an OK easy drinker with a bit of interest.  Unfortunately it lingers a little long on the back of the tongue.  It’s a bit of soapiness in the hops.  Yes, soapiness, in the aroma too.  Apart from that it’s a nice beer.  PROBLEM BEING…. every brewery seems to makes a Blonde Ale, so at this point, to me, if you’re coming out with a blonde ale, it had better be nearly perfect and thirst quenching, but this one is far from the top, so it makes it a but superfluous.


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