Monty’s Aged Ryed Ale


Brewery: Old Tomorrow Brewing

Type: Rye

ABV: 6.2%

IBU: 16

Appearance / Aroma: Earthy, oaky aroma with notes of fruit. The color is orange/burnt orange, similar maybe to a home brewed cider (not the cleaned up Strongbow types). Head is a bit bubbly and foamy and recedes moderately without much lacing.

Taste / Feel: This beer has a strong caramel presence with maybe a nutmeg/cinnamon spice underneath. Nice floral notes but not in a typical hop sense, it seems less harsh and almost carries a rose water quality. The can says vanilla, honey and caramel and I agree.

Feel-wise it’s fairly standard with a medium body. It’s a bit sugary so it kind of gives that tart, sugary aftertaste. You can definitely bring the vanilla and caramel back with the exhale as well as some oaky malt flavors.

I’d be interested to know the ingredients of this beer. If it’s the usual 4-5, then I’m very impressed. If they’ve added artificial or natural flavors, I’m not as impressed. They only say that it’s aged in oak wood that’s infused with rye whisky.

Overall, it has a great taste and is a refreshing change from the normal flavor pallet.



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