Mad Quacker


Brewery: Lake Wilcox Brewing

Type: Amber Lager

ABV:  5.0%

IBU: 24

Appearance / Aroma: Really nice copper color with a foamy hazelnut head. The head is not quite as big as I would have expected for such an aggressive poor and died off quite quickly with little to no lacing.

Initial nose is sweet and malty with a few floral hop notes developing underneath.

Taste / Feel: It feels refreshing and clean off the bat with a definite malty flavor however, similar to the head, it dies off very quickly. What’s there is pretty good but it’s just too subtle and fleeting. It’s like, I have to keep taking sips to catch it long enough to consider it’s characteristics.

It’s no surprise that there isn’t much of an aftertaste or exhale. Maybe a slight sour tanginess coating the inside of my cheeks after a while. The malt flavor sticks around a tiny bit longer as the beer warms but still nothing tremendous.

I really liked the look of this can as well as the “Mad Hatter” theme (although I don’t really understand why it’s “quacker” and everything else is the hatter theme). The can reads something like “Ever wanted to try something crazy, maybe even a little mad?” and I’m left rather disappointed because there’s serious potential here for something crazy or mad. Unfortunately there’s nothing crazy or mad about this beer. It’s just ok.


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  1. Mike says:

    Interesting review! They probably came up with the name before the beer was done and used it even though it didn’t suit. If it were called ‘Easy Rider Amber Lager’ it may have gotten a 3 star review because it met expectations / goals. Maybe a nice summer beer worth checking out by Mike?

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    1. scottdavey says:

      Interesting take!! And absolutely… just goes to shows how a name/theme could be dangerous to the expectations of the drinker.

      I would say that we should have one after a good game of tennis


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