Thursty Pike


Brewery: Gananoque Brewing Company

Type: Czech Style Pilsner

ABV: 4% (Light)

Appearance / Aroma: Poured with a fluffy European Pilsner head, which is my favorite kind, the density of a meringue – I can hear the carbonation eating away at it after pouring – there is a lot of carbonation but a lot of head so it still may take a while.  It smells of sweet hops. Clearly unfiltered.

Taste / Feel: The mouthfeel is very bubbly as expected, but it has a very nice vibrancy to it.  And it sits at the edge of its hops which never go bitter.  Lots of flavour for a Pilsner.  This is actually a very full and exciting Pilsner.  Canadian Pilsners are often disappointing but this one isn’t.  A very nice beer!  I’m not sure of a Pilsner I’ve enjoyed more- well done Gananoque!


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