Shinnicked Stout


Brewery: Muskoka Brewery

Type: Stout

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: 19

Appearance / Aroma: Citrus and tangy aroma with a dense, foamy head that persists. Its color is quite dark with very little light refraction.

Taste / Feel: Upon first sip, what comes to mind is a smooth and comforting chocolate milk with a great velvety texture that warms slightly on the way down. It almost feels like a soft cushion. It has great carbonation that actually goes away halfway through each sip – quite interesting. As the temperature warms I’m finding a dark fruit or raisin taste, similar to a good English ale.

I also just read that it’s brewed with coffee. I didn’t get that flavor right away, which, to me, is very interesting. Now that I’m looking for it, I get a faint sense.


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