Ransack the Universe



Brewery: Collective Arts (Hamilton)

Type: India Pale Ale

ABV: 6.8%

IBU: 85

Appearance / Aroma: Bronze gorgeousness glowing below a nice frothy head.  Really a treat to look at.   Hazy and mystical looking.  As close to no smell as I have ever smelled.

Taste / Feel: Low carbonation and a medium mouthfeel leaves some lacing in the mouth.  It’s a tad bit creamy and smooth.  Fees lovely a tangy bitterness is ever present- which is ok while drinking but it lingers on a bit long for me.  The 6.8% is pretty evident.  The alcohol sting is pretty strong.  I’ve said too many negatives  in a row- I think this is a good beer.  It’s a very hoppy IPA.  I look forward to seeing the IBU later I expect somewhere in the 60s at least.  And for a beer in that ballpark with this kind of alcohol it pulls it off remarkably well.  Citrus- Grapefruit?  This is not my kind of beer but even at that I am enjoying it- and I think that’s pretty cool.



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