Imperial Russian Stout


Brewery: Wellington Brewery

Type: Imperial Russian Stout

ABV: 8%

IBU: 42

Appearance / Aroma: The beer smells sweet with strong roasted malt notes and a slight tanginess. It has a creamy chocolate head and a rather dark complexion.

Taste / Feel: From

The term “imperial” was used in the 1800’s for beer (usually stout) that was brewed in England but then shipped to Russia – specifically the imperial court of Russia! Brewers later started using the term more generally to indicate their top-of-the-line luxury beers.

With beers coming from American craft brewers these days, “imperial” is an indication that the beer is going to be big and bold regardless of the style. The hops and malts used during brewing are doubled or even tripled, and the resulting beer can pack quite an alcoholic punch ranging from 8% to 12% ABV.

These beers are definitely worth a try whenever you see them. If you like the basic style (stout, IPA, etc.), chances are that you’ll enjoy the amped up imperialized version as well. They go well with rich, strongly flavored foods, and they make an excellent after-dinner sipping beer. Because they’re so high in alcohol, one or two is usually our limit!

First, the taste is sweet with chocolate and a roasted grain. The middle has a very distinct dark berry or raisin flavor and is followed by a soft smokiness. I’m also noticing some coffee in the aftertaste in addition to some more dark berry in the exhale if I concentrate.

The body is pretty heavy and has a creaminess to it, which I like. I also don’t taste any alocohol, which is impressive for 8% ABV. That being said, I could take or leave the taste of alcohol. Sometimes I find it compliments the flavor. I don’t think it’s needed here.

Overall, a great beer with layers. Yet another win for Wellington County.


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  1. Mike says:

    I think I may have to try this one. BUT WHATS THE RATING


    1. scottdavey says:



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