Downhill Pale Ale


Brewery: The Collingwood Brewery

Type: American Pale Ale

ABV: 5.4%

IBU: 33

Appearance / Aroma: Fluffy white head and a somewhat hazy, but rich, honey color. It smells like apricots and peach with notes of floral hops.

Taste / Feel: The head itself has a honey-garlic and caramel taste mixed with hops. That sounds a bit weird, in fact, I changed my notes to say honey-caramel however I want to be true to my first impressions. It’s good, though! I love honey garlic.

The beer has a soft taste. Delicious floral hop flavor mixed with a sweet citrus. There’s much less bitterness than expected, which is a nice surprise. The alcohol seems to envelop the inside of my mouth and linger as more of a presence in the aftertaste along with a short lived bitterness. I finally get some roasted caramel grain with the exhale.

It’s odd… In the middle of the sip my mouth gets an intense signal that bitterness is coming but then it recedes as quickly as it came in! It’s hard to explain but it’s a really short sharpness that almost attacks the sides and roof of my mouth. At that point my tongue would become involved and the drink ruined but my tongue just stays clear out of it. Perhaps too preoccupied with the other delicious flavor happening.

It doesn’t put me off, though. I find it very intriguing.

How very odd.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike says:

    A high rating, again, considering I would not consider this your favorite type of beer.
    Cool i’ll keep a lookout.


    1. scottdavey says:

      It’s true. again! But I think I’m starting to balance out now.. I still love dark/stout/porter but I’ve been looking out for lighter stuff lately.


      1. Mike says:

        Summertime does that.


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