A Summer Smash

So I didn’t make proper notes of these beers.  But I will briefly touch on them before they are lost in my brain forever.

Wanderlust, by Breakside Brewery in Oregon, USA.  It’s an American IPA @ 6.6% alcohol.  It was my favorite of the three beers Emily brought  home.  It’s label is a thing a freaking beauty.  It had a little bit of zestiness, and sweetness, overall quite well balanced for an IBU of 63.


 Tricerahops Double IPA, by Nunkasi Brewing Company, also from Oregon, USA.  This one clocks in at 8% alcohol.  84 IBU!  It attempts to get floral, but you know what, this beer kind of helped me get over my hop infatuation.  It was a rough drink.


The 8th Sin Black Lager from Hop City Brewers has 8 types of malts and 3 types of hops.  An ABV of only 5% and IBU of 25 leave it right in my wheelhouse, and it was smooth, creamy, and approachable.  An impressive one to pull off, in my books.


The Innocente Brewing Company out of Kitchener Waterloo made this Pils-Sinner (pilsner) which was just perfect for the patio in which I had it.  An ABV of 5.8 and an IBU of 30.  It was crisp, fresh, refreshing, and gently interesting.  A great patio beer.  Will be looking out for more from them.



One Comment Add yours

  1. scottdavey says:

    Wow! I enjoyed this post! I may give it a try soon…
    Only ones I’d try are the 8th Sin and the Pils-sinner… hmm, that’s not the theme I’m going for. DON’T JUDGE ME!


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