Collective Project / Black IPA


Brewery: Collective Arts Brewing

Type: Black IPA

ABV: 6.8%

IBU: 75

Appearance / Aroma: As you can see by the image, there’s an extremely thick head produced by an average pour. I’ve waited 5 minutes and it’s barely moved. That being said, the head is fluffy and brown and releases a strong, tangy and floral hop aroma into the air. The beer is quite dark in color, akin to coffee.

Taste / Feel: The head tastes exactly the way it smells. Tangy and floral flavors exceeded by sharp bitterness. I’ve always found that the head is more bitter than the body so I’ll reserve judgement… if I ever get there.

I’ve managed to deal with the copious amounts of foam billowing from the mouth of the glass but now I have an extremely bitter taste in my mouth. Again, reserving judgement.

Finally. Yuck. It’s SO bitter. So much hop flavor with no balance at all. I can’t enjoy this because I’m continuously bracing myself for the pungency. It has way too much hop flavor. It’s like drinking straight lemon juice with no added sugar to balance it out. This is sensory overload and I’m actually not sure if I can finish it.

I tried. I tried in earnest, and I failed.

Edit: As I was looking for the IBU I noticed that this beer got good-great reviews on and so perhaps I just had bad luck. I don’t think it was a skunk  but perhaps I doomed it with the way it was poured.

I’ve decided that you should try it and let me know.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mike says:

    I’ll look out for it- but I am very skeptical. I’ve heard of this Brewing+Arts company and wanted to give them a shot. Stay tuned. Pick up another for the next time I swing by your house wouldja?


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