Naughty Neighbour



Brewery: Nickelbrook (Burlington, Ontario)

Type: Americal Pale Ale

ABV: 4.9%

IBU: 38

Appearance / Aroma: I smelled this beer the exact second I cracked it.  It’s explosive and fresh smelling – it doesn’t smell like a beer… I get a mint and grapefruit smell which is easing me into a hopiness, I can feel it.  Pours nice- a golden glow, by a lot of head, lots of bubbles.

Taste / Feel: It’s fresh- it’s hoppy but very sweet.  Whoa this is interesting.  It’s like every second while drinking it you feel the citrus and herbs countering he bitterness of the hops before the aftertaste when those fade away and the typical hop forward bitterness dominated the empty mouth.  Really a nice experience while drinking though.  It doesn’t feel forced or artificial.   I just read the can and it says they use pine as well- now I can definitely taste that.  It’s interesting, a seriously cool beer.  As a hoppy beer (which always interest me for some reason) I dig it.  The key is not to stop drinking it… Then it’s delightful.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. scottdavey says:

    Yet another beer I’ve passed by many times. I do love pine flavor and aromas (as in gin) so I’m very intrigued now.


  2. scottdavey says:

    Just had this.

    Definite citrus, herb, and pine tastes.
    Lower bitterness than I was expecting!! Excellent.
    Great hop flavor!

    Thank you! I wouldn’t have tried this if not for you.


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