Rise Up Red



Brewery: Hoppworks Urban Brewery (Oregon)

Type: India Red Ale

ABV: 6.1%

IBU: 65

Appearance / Aroma: Lots of bubbly carbonation, medium cream colour head with lots of thick retention.  Nice 6 month copper shine.  It smells hoppy when real close, but pretty tame.

Taste / Feel: Definitely a hop first beer, played off by several things: some spicyness, some sweetness (cherries?), but only slightly.  It’s a very dry, acidic beer.  It charges the mouth.  Locally grown hops; they claim sustainability, which is nice.  As it warmed up it became a bit of a chore to get through it.  Not quite balanced enough for me.  Bitterness for its own sake is kinda lame to me personally.


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