Brakeman’s Session Ale


Brewery: Junction Craft Brewing

Type: Ale

ABV: 4.5%

IBU: 40

Appearance / Aroma: It has a refreshing, clean and slight citrus smell. Also noting some malted grain and very faint hop. The head is white and dense and lasts a while. The beer itself has a cider orange color.

Taste / Feel: An excellent beer that definitely has taste! There’s an undertone of bitterness throughout the entire mouthful however it balances well with everything else.

First, the malted barley comes through giving it that great ale taste. Then, the bitterness becomes more pronounced through the middle but turns into a fresh and creamy floral hop flavor. It’s quite good – there are different layers of complexity here with the 3 different types of hops working together.

Overall, it’s a well rounded ale with a couple different layers of flavor.


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