Black Creek Porter


Brewery: Black Creek Historic Brewery

Type: Porter

ABV: 5%

Appearance / Aroma: This pours nicely, forming a dense, light brown head, similar to a coffee colored mousse. The color of the beer itself is a rich coffee color; dark but slightly translucent. It has a rich roasted malt smell with hints of nutty chocolate.

Taste / Feel: First sip is absolutely fantastic. Right away I get this chocolate, roasted malt flavor that persists well into the aftertaste, especially the exhale. There’s little to no bitterness and the body is actually lighter than I was expecting. It’s not quite as creamy in texture.

I wouldn’t say the taste is where the complexity is in this beer. Rather, I find the texture to be what keeps me coming back and drinking it far too quickly. While it is slightly watery it also has this rich, velvet texture in there that boasts quality, like a decadent chocolate milk.

Carbonation is medium-low, which I don’t mind for dark beers because it lends to that velvety texture I appreciate.


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  1. Mike says:

    Another porter /stout 4.5! I think you’ve figured out your favourite beer style, ya? Forgive my ignorance.. Is there a difference between porter and stout ales?


    1. scottdavey says:

      Supposedly they’re made from different style of barley. Porters are malted barley whereas a stout is made primarily from unmalted, roasted barley, which gives it more of a coffee type flavor. That’s why a lot of stouts will use buzz words like “charcoal” or “pit of despair”. Well, not that second one…

      But ya!!! Dark beer is quickly becoming my preference – although I still want to keep my horizons broad.


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