Hops and Robbers


Other claims on the can which may serve as a ‘title’:

‘Sessionable IPA’

‘Extra Delicious IPA’


Brewery: Double Trouble Brewing Company (Guelph)

Type: India Pale Ale

ABV: 5.7%

IBU: 50

Appearance / Aroma: Creamy, sticky foam completely glued to the sides.  It has a murky ale colour to it.  The hops are activated in the air for sure.

Taste / Feel:  I’m trying to start in a good note… I like the foam feel.  After that it’s just wrong.  It’s wave after wave of a tangy bitterness and awkward hop blends.. No balance.  I know what they were doing- they were going for complex and interesting; but it hasn’t worked.


I refer you to the fact that this beer has three ‘names’ or ‘tags’ on the same can.  I think they took the same approach to the way they made this beer: overthinking; overextending their abilities as brew makers perhaps? Unable or unwilling to distill the idea into a simpler and better product.  Three titles; unbalanced awkwardness.   I think they allowed themselves the freedom to explore and be creative, and fell in love with their first ideas; and never stopped to ask what was wrong with it, what could be improved, etc.


Overall I have decided this brewery is not very good.  Prison Break wasn’t notably good either.


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  1. scottdavey says:

    To add, it sounds like their titles (namely, extra delicious IPA) were trying to convince you that it’s a good beer. Not sure if that means they weren’t confident enough or that they knew it wasn’t great and had to resort to “selling” it to you. Problem is, it’s one thing to get someone to buy one can of your beer, but another to get them to continue buying.

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  2. Mike says:

    Very good point.


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