Coors Light


Brewery: Coors Brewing Company

Type: Lager

ABV: 4.2%

Appearance / Aroma: Its smell is mildly grainy but strongly college dorm room, post party. the head looks like you’ve just poured a can of ginger ale too quickly; big bubbles that disappear quickly. The color is a kind-of pee yellow.

Taste / Feel: The first sip offers very little in terms of taste. I know it’s a light beer but it actually tastes like bad carbonated water with the smallest hint of cereal grain towards the end. The carbonation level is ok – medium-high, I’d say.

There’s literally nothing left to say. If you want a cold, alcoholic carbonated water to drink endlessly throughout the summer, this is it! That is to say, it’s refreshing – like water.

I’d also like to add something more to further my point. Coors Light’s big selling point is that you can see how cold the beer is based on the color of the mountains on the can or bottle. In the beer and wine world, extremely cold temperatures server to dull your taste buds, preventing you from tasting the full flavor of the beverage. It is for that reason that these drinks often come with temperature recommendations. With Coors, just get it as cold as you can – they’re basically trying to dissuade the consumer from really tasting their beer.

Disclaimer: I hate Coors and Molson, and any other big name beer brewing company so this review is fairly biased, unfortunately. The mere fact that they’ve only recently (2014) disclosed all of the ingredients in their beer gives me a bad taste in my mouth – pun intended. Furthermore, there are several beer companies, Coors included, to admittedly use GMO wheat, rice and high fructose corn syrup. I can, therefore, not only recommend against consuming this beer due to its bad flavor but also because you’re consuming unnatural ingredients not typically found in craft brews.

Anyway, this has maybe gotten a bit ranty and may be bordering on fear and hate mongering so I won’t speak of these companies from now on.


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