Dark Horse Lager


Brewery: Thornbury Beverage Company

Type:  Dark Lager

ABV: 4.8%

Appearance / Aroma: This beer has a nice coffee color with a beige, dense head. It smells strongly of raisins and sweet malts.

Taste / Feel: Upfront, it’s tangy with a subtle roasted malt undertone. It actually taste like vinegar at time; tangy but salty, almost. Towards the end of the glass I completely lose the malt flavor.

There’s also lots of carbonation, bordering on too much. In addition, the carbonation doesn’t taste very natural, similar to drinking no-name soda water.

Overall: It’s a fairly bright and lively drink. One part due to the level of carbonation and another part due to the tangy citrus flavor. For a dark beer, I really want to taste that roasted malt and it just wasn’t there enough for me. There’s also not much aftertaste and the body seems pretty light. On the bright side, there isn’t any bitterness.


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