Amarone della Valpolicella



Vintner: Tomassi

Grape Varietal: Corvina Blend

Region: Veneto, Italy

Year: 2011

ABV: 15%

Appearance: The color is quite dark, like blackberries or black currant. The wine, after swiveling the glass, leaves long legs running down.

Aroma: It smells amazing. Soft and rich, dark berries and a hint of earthiness. It also has quite a warming smell, if that makes sense.

Taste: The taste is actually mesmerizing, I couldn’t help but close my eyes and savor the moment. It’s a soft but intense burst of sweet black currant berries from the start, then opens up, adding warmth and hints of sweet caramel and mild spices as you swish it around. It’s just alive the whole way through. The intensity is beyond words, it completely takes over your senses and the more you concentrate on how it feels on your cheeks and every section of your tongue, the more intensified it becomes.

I’m not sure what else to say. I wish I was better able to describe it, though. I’ve had a lot of wines in my life and none have ever taken me through such a journey as this. Truly a masterpiece.

Feel: The tannin are velvety and leave only a slight dryness. The mouthful is also quite warming.


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  1. Mike says:

    Well done. Wine is hard. I’ve meant to review more wine, but I don’t have the vocabulary- or even more relevant to say: the know how to properly review. Well done, you- though! Sounds delicious.


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