FAT TUG (boat)


Brewery: Driftwood Brewery

Type: India Pale Ale

ABV: 7%

IBU: 80 (!)

Appearance / Aroma / Body:  Poured a shining, sunny copper, with a nice frosty foam, some lacing.  You can smell the hops when you reach for the glass.  It’s got a slow and steady carbonation but this is a settled beer for the most part.  Light to medium body and bright.

Taste / Feel: This beer has such an incredible balance of bright and sweet hops and smooth complex malts.  The bitterness is conquered, all 5 (!) types of hops somehow work together.  It has a sequence of hops-malt-hops.  It’s fascinating if you want to think about it, and just nice and flavourful if you want to chill.  There’s  a caramel malty start, then a citrusy centre to it, which is grapefruit, and then they blend.  Maybe the final third has some bitterness which lingers, but that is overcome by another sip :).  Good problem to have.

Hops:  Cascade, Columbus, Centennial, Amarillo, Citra

Malts:  Pilsner, Crystal, Carapils


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  1. scottdavey says:

    DANG! I can’t believe you don’t taste more bitterness. I was expecting it to almost burn the whole way through but somehow they managed to mask most of it. I mean, the IBU states that it’s a bitter beer!

    Begs the question, though. Why make a beer with such an impressive IBU rating but that is only slightly bitter towards the end? I think I ought to give it a try – maybe you’ve become seasoned to hop bitterness in the same way I’ve become seasoned to the harsh flavors of a stout.

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  2. Mike says:

    Those are really interesting points. Why make an 80 IBU that’s not traditionally hoppy bitter? That’s like building a Rolls Royce that sacrifices comfort to go 0-100 in 4 seconds. Missed the objective..

    I would also like to see what you think if the bitterness of this beer. Do a search for the GOA and if there isn’t any ill bring a bottle home in my luggage for us/you. Maybe you’re right and it is ‘all that’ bitter.


    1. scottdavey says:

      Says they have some stock at the LCBO in Kanata. I’ll see if I can’t pick some up…. GEEZ! We’re going to have a lot of beer to taste.

      Also, I was reading up on proper beer tasting (I think you actually showed me the site) and we should plan out how we’re going to taste each beer. Since we’re doing at least 3 beers each, I think it might be a good idea to do 2 – 3 sips per beer with proper palette cleansing between. I’ve also heard there’s a proper order when you’re doing both hop-based and malt-based beer.

      Then we’ll just drink them all after we’re done tasting.


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