Kombucha Multi Green


Maker: GT’s

Type: Synergy Drink

ABV: Fermented with traces of alcohol

Appearance / Aroma / Body: It pours thick with chunks of algae slopping out and splashing the surrounding area. Its aroma smells tangy and earthy with a hint of kiwi or another highly acidic fruit. As seen in the featured image, the color is a deep, seaweed green.

Taste: As you sip it, your tongue immediately starts to tingle from the fermentation. At the beginning, it tastes a lot like salty sea water and unsweetened cranberries without the bitterness. For a very brief moment in the middle there’s a blast of sweetness which is then overpowered again by a salty, tangy aftertaste.

Overall, the drink is disgusting. The smell. The color. The Taste. Nothing about it makes me want to take another sip… Except that it’s extremely good for your health.

Important Information: This was more of a joke than anything, even though it’s technically a fermented drink.


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  1. Mike says:


    Looks awful !!


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