Grind Stone Amber Ale


Brewery: Broadhead Brewing Company

Type: Amber Ale

ABV: 5%

Appearance / Aroma / Body: Pours nicely into the glass, light-medium body, and leaves a decently dense head. Unfortunately it doesn’t stick around and leaves no lacing on the glass. The color, which is a medium tone amber, is a bit lighter than I was expecting but looks good, nonetheless. In terms of aroma, I can definitely smell the presence of hops and a faint layer of malts. Definitely seems fruitier than maltier.

Taste / Feel: This beer has me a little concerned. I really enjoyed Broadhead’s Dark Horse Stout however this one is not doing anything at all!

It’s a bit lower in carbonation and watery. In the first moments of the sip I can taste a caramel malt that’s nice but usually the flavor ramps up a bit as you swish it in your mouth. This just turns into nothing. It dies down and there’s no aftertaste or exhale at all. There’s maybe a slight bitterness towards the end but that’s only after having consumed half of the 473ml can. I’m quite disappointed, to be honest. I can usually get a lot of information about a beer from the exhale and this have given me nothing. I was initially concerned because I took a bite of a Nutella sandwich and feared that I was killing the intensity of the beer. So, I went upstairs, ate half a piece of plain bread and swished water around my mouth for a bit. Then I waited a bit more to let the beer warm, hopefully encouraging the flavors to be more pronounced. Nothing. No change. UGH.



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