Guinness Blonde


Brewery: Guinness Blonde  (Ireland)

Type: American Lager

ABV: 5.0%

Thoughts: I actually tried pretty hard to dislike this beer.  From the get-go I thought this beer would be a mix of two things I don’t particularly like: Guinness and American Lager.

Appearance: Nice golden shine to the beer.  Medium to heavy carbonation.  A nice fresh metallic smell.

Taste: It’s minorly acidic but smooth.  Very soft and gentle hops- the front of the can talks about the hops but as expected from Guinness this is a malt first beer.  Very nice balance of flavour and malt.  There is not a lot to hate- some nice subtle flavours hiding behind a simple beer.  I would be comfortable bringing six of these to a BBQ.


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