Farm Hand


Brewery: Driftwood Brewery (Victoria BC)

Type: Saison – Belgian Wheat

ABV: 5.5%

Fact: This is a ‘saison’ beer.   True saison beers were originally this style of Belgian- yeast heavy beers (they are often called white beers in North America- improperly or not I do not know)- which were brewed in the winter time for consumption by the beer ingredient harvesters in the long hot summer harvest season.  It is then infamously a thirst quencher.  Also hence the name: farm hands saison.  Nice touch.  It is then, by definition- a beer drinker’s beer.  This is promising!

Observation: I would like to point out that this is the exact opposite as your jet black stout beer review which garnered such interest (on my behalf)- and YET… it has a similar feature which I will conclude my review with.

Appearance: It pours an electric yellow and then blooms orange, cloudy, and smells like a Belgian wheat beer- from a distance- which in fact it seems to be!  Smells like citrus and yeast.  There is almost no head- no lacing on the glass- and it is hazy and settled- little carbonation.

Tasting: It’s one of the slowest unravelling tastes I’ve experienced- it starts off subtle and progressively gets more and more intense.  More notes of pepper and a healthier dose of that typical Belgian white yeast.  Any movement of the beer within my mouth creates a chain reaction of bubbles and livelyness.  It is tart (it says so on the bottle, So I must be right!), and spicy, yet oddly (and not obviously) fruity!  It’s one of the most approachable and yet full flavoured Belgian wheat beers that I’ve had!  Well done to you!  A lovely start to the spring for me: as the snow begins to melt around me- I may enjoy this one on my balcony!  This not be everybody’s favourite beer style, I respect that- and it’s not my absolutely favourite either, but it is very- very good at what it is- like your stout beer.  Having said that, I will also remark that if someone did not like this beer, they would really not like it, because it lingers for a while, and seems to permeate the mouth.

Drinker beware.


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  1. scottdavey says:

    I absolutely love that first part regarding the origins. So interesting.

    I should also say that it’s very hot or miss for me with wheat beer. I’ve had some I like, and some I don’t. That being said, I think the ones I didn’t like were from Alexandre Keith’s and the like. I want to revisit wheat beer, although I’m cautious to starting with this beer. I want to respect it and only approach it when ready.


  2. Mike says:

    I think that’s probably a good call. It’s something I’ve dived into each time I’m in Europe. They drink a lot of wheat beers in holland and Germany and obviously Belgium. So I had several after long days on the bike, which is a good way to get into a beer- when you’re THIRSTAY

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