Black Coal Stout


Brewery: Railway City Brewing Company

Type: Stout

ABV: 6%

Thoughts: Ok….. geez. Where do I start?

Color and Pour: The last stout I had was one of the darkest I’ve ever seen. WELL, this beer absolutely destroys it. I’m literally taking my phone’s flashlight and moving it all the way around the glass and there’s zero change in the darkness of the beer inside. I’m not exaggerating. It also pours thick. Reminds me of maple syrup, but way darker. I actually can’t get over it. The head isn’t dense and goes away pretty quickly. It also doesn’t leave much film behind on the glass.

Taste: There’s so much going on here that I’m finding it difficult to articulate. My initial impressions are that it tastes like a bold coffee that’s maybe stayed on the warmer too long and has burnt slightly. As of now I don’t sense any alcohol, which was something I was watching for with this 6% beer. As we saw with Mike’s review of London Pride, I may have to come back to that once the beer warms a little.

This beer also feels as thick as it looks. It coats my mouth and my tongue feels syrupy for a while afterwards.

I’ve consumed a quarter of the beer now and I believe its true characteristics are presenting themselves. I’m actually getting a fairly strong mocha (coffee/chocolate) taste, especially with the post-swallow exhale, which I quite like. There’s also a hint of sweetness in there somewhere which, I believe, is why I can’t detect any bitterness as of yet. The aftertaste, along with the aforementioned syrupy-ness, is tangy.

This beer is not for the faint of heart and has affected me greatly. Proceed with caution.

NB: Regarding the star rating, I’d just like to say that this beer is not among my favorites, per se. I do very much enjoy it however, more than that, I respect it and think it’s a front runner of its class. So, I’ve given it 4.5 stars on that belief.



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  1. Mike says:

    I feel like I am not at the point in my beer drinking career to take the leap into this jet black abyss of glory. I am completely enthralled that you were, however. You are an impressive specimen, and I enjoyed reading your experience greatly. Well done.


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