Honest Lager


Brewery: Walkerville Brewery

Type: Lager

ABV: 5.3%

Thoughts: I’m fairly mixed on this one. On one hand:

It has a great color, smell, and initial taste.

The color is slightly darker than I’d expect a lager to look however maybe it’s because I’m comparing it to a mass-produced brand that likely color corrects their beer. Perhaps THIS is the actual color of a lager.

It smells like a beer should smell. The more I smell it, I start to pick out a bit of citrus but for the most part it’s just beer, and that’s ok.

The first 2 sips offer smooth, oat and citrus notes and finishes fairly cleanly. I actually quite enjoy the taste. It’s fairly standard – nothing to write home about – but is solid. Dependable.

On the other hand, I can definitely taste alcohol towards the end and there’s a bitter aftertaste that I’m not overly fond of. It doesn’t hit right away, either, and lingers too long afterwards.

Overall, it’s a good beer with a small flaw. I’m not upset about it and I could see myself having more in the future.


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