Gypsy Tears Ruby Red



Brewery: Parallel 49 Brewing (Vancouver)

Type: Red Ale

ABV: 6%

Thoughts:  Pours just slightly thicker than a typical ale.  Produces a nice white frothy, creamy head that sticks around for a while and leaves it’s mark on the glass which I love.  The nicest foam i’ve seen since a beer poured from a wooden barrel on Mount Rigi in Switzerland.  #thick

I would also like to note that it comes in a gorgeously slender bottle and a label that is a proper sticker that comes off clean in one piece and leaves the bottle gorgeous.  Attention to detail and a lack of cheapness: noted!

It’s fascinating, this beer.  It flips like a switch from the malt to the hops. And then they both settle into complete balance and harmony.  I have never had such a pleasant beer drinking experience in my life: in terms of sensation.  The hops are pristine: flavourful and embracing.  The brewer says this is because of ‘late hop additions’ which brings all the flavour into play but less of the bitterness and harshness.  I think I feel a subtle cherry tone to it- definitely some hidden berry notes.  On another note: this is a strong beer at 6% alcohol which has no alcohol-ness to it.  Adding points for degree of difficulty from the Dutch judge.

This is as close to a perfect beer as I have ever had.  If I had more options this would be a 4.8/5 in case I ever have a better beer.  Now I am so excited to be done this and just sit back and enjoy it, and several more!


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  1. scottdavey says:

    BAH!!! This is killing me! Reading all these amazing reviews and not being able to come along on the experience.

    Excellent write up. It actually got me excited, even if that excitement turned to bitter sadness knowing I may never indulge in this FOUR POINT EIGHT. Wow! What a score.


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