Wellington County Dark Ale


Brewery: Wellington Brewery

Type: County Dark Ale

ABV: 5.0%

Thoughts: Initially notice a good, amber-dark color, but very little head. I don’t detect much of a smell.

On the first sip I notice that it has a lighter body than I was expecting and low carbonation. The second sip introduced its sweetness and a familiar raisin and roasted malt flavor. There’s little to no bitterness and not much aftertaste however the post-swallow exhale brings back that roasted malt flavor in an excellent way. It’s even better if you exhale through your nose as you’re swallowing.

This is the type of beer I could have multiple of in a sitting. It’s very easy to drink.

If I had to give it criticism I would say it begins to lose a bit of its flavor the more you drink it. It’s not drastic but I have to try a bit harder to get those initial flavors. That begin said, if you take longer pauses between mouthfuls this isn’t an issue.

EDIT: I just had this beer again last night and really didn’t notice the beer “losing its flavor” at all so I’m tempted to take it back. Because it was my initial impressions of the beer I’ll leave it up… see for yourself.


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