Stranger Than Fiction


Brewery: Collective Arts Brewing

Type: Porter

ABV: 5.5%

Thoughts: Considering how dark the color is, it’s not as bitter as I would have expected with the first few sips.

Upon pouring it into the glass I notice how dark it is as well as its thickness, it almost appears syrupy. During the initial mouthful it does boast a thicker body that coats the tongue and has the qualities of roasted malt and tangy caramel. Towards the end there’s a bit of lingering bitterness but what I really enjoy is the post swallow exhale. I get distinct earth and yeast notes, giving it a nice rustic appeal.

After consuming half the glass a bitter aftertaste becomes more and more prominent, as if it’s been accumulating the entire time. It also slightly enhances the bitterness throughout the mouthful. This is quite different from anything else I’ve had as usually you’re able to desensitize to the bitterness and more of the beer’s flavors come out.

Overall, not too bad. I’d definitely only have one at a time and would consider it more of an after dinner, leisurely drink.


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