Sleeman Fine Porter


Brewery: Sleeman Breweries Ltd.

Type: Porter

ABV: 5.5%

Taste: This beer has a medium-to-thick body. Right away, I can detect a roasty malt and a bit of earthy or raw chocolate flavors, which is actually pretty good. The problem actually comes further into the mouthful where I get this taste of chemicals or artificial flavoring. It’s a little off-putting, especially considering it had great potential in the first moments of the sip. The weird, unnatural aftertaste lingers, too, furthering my disappointment.

Overall, I respect that they tried to do a porter but I feel like Sleeman isn’t and hasn’t ever been known for a high-quality beer. I’ve always seen it as something slightly more exciting than Coors Light.


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  1. Mike says:

    I am always disappointed with all of the sleeman beers. I’m done with the whole brand


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