Three Winds Shiraz


Name: 2013 Pays D’oc Syrah

Vintner: Three Winds

Grape: Syrah / Shiraz

ABV: 13.5%

Cost: $13.99

About the Wine/Grape: Did you know that Syrah and Shiraz is the same thing?  Tending to produce medium to full-bodied wines with medium-plus to high levels of tannins and flavors of blackberry, mint and black pepper notes.

Review: Soft, smooth, gentle, but rich and dark berry flavour.  It’s a pleasant peppered berry taste.  Easy going drinker without being a bore. Nice wine- bit I expected a liiiitle bot more pop from a Shiraz, which from my experience are very lively and full bodied.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. scottdavey says:

    Did you get any mint flavor? I don’t believe I’ve ever had a Wine with mint notes. I’ve also always found Shiraz to be poppy and maybe even a bit harsh or acidic.


  2. Mike says:

    Maybe the poppy – acidity is our awareness of the mint? You’re right I’ve never noticed mint flavour in wine either. I agree about Shiraz’ acidity- I’ve noticed that too. Medium to high tannin presence in a Shiraz, does that equate to acidity?


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