2014 Cabernet Franc



Name: 2014 Cabernet Franc

Vintner: Vineland Estates

Grape: Cabernet Franc

ABV: 12.0%

Cost: $14.99

About the Wine/Grape: Cabernet Franc is supposed to be lighter in flavour and colour than Cabernet Sauvignon, yet this one isn’t, on both accounts.  If you’ve ever heard of a Bordeaux, it is a famour French wine name, and it is a blend of mixtures of Cab Franc, Cab Sauv, and Merlot’s.  Bordeaux just meansany wine from the Bordeaux region in france, but is often that mixture, predominantly Cab Franc.

Review: This is kind of my quintessential Niagara Wine.  When I think of Niagara wines, most of them taste like “this”, to me.  It’s a medium bodied dryish wine.  definitely long lasting on the tongue.  Strong finisher.  To me, it isn’t all that lovely.  It isn’t strong, it isn’t soft, it isn’t rich.  It just is.  This tastes to me now what wine tasted like to me when I was a teenager.  I used to drink wine when I got a chance, well just because I could.  And now I drink it, because I enjoy wine.  But as a wine, it doesn’t specifically hit any real high notes for me.  But I can plunk it on the table and it will perform admirably.  And for that reason I will likely buy it again once a year, as I tend to do, as a crowd pleaser with a lovely little sketch on it, from just up the hill.


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