Cream Ale



Brewery: Muskoka Brewery

Type: Cream Ale

ABV: 5%

IBU: 20

Smell: There is a hoppy, active, liveliness.

Look: Pours a nice thick white head, which settles into a slightly murky, dead looking filminess.  Muskoka claims ‘unfiltered’ so that’s probably why it looks a bit less than grand.  It’s a beautiful amber color.

Taste: The Hops are delicious.  You can taste them right away, but in a good way.  They have a soft and sweet nature, as opposed to the ‘bitey’ feeling I get from normal beers where the hops are prominent.  It’s fresh, flowery, but not odd.  You get the feel it started as an Engligh inspired ale but it turned out better.  A fantastic beer.  Just lovely.


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  1. scottdavey says:

    We may agree on one thing here, and that is to disagree. Of course, I’m not much of a judge of hoppy beers as I don’t like them in general. That being said I want to give this another shot as I haven’t had it in a while. Perhaps my mind can be changed.


  2. Mike says:

    Did you review this one before the website, on the BrewBarrel app? I saw you had the Detour (and I agree, that one is not great).


  3. scottdavey says:

    I’d like to recant on my first comment. Here’s my informed opinion on this beer:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head with your review. This is actually a great beer and I was wrong to have judged it before trying it. It’s a clean beer but through the middle has that characteristic creaminess that I’d expect from a cream ale. For me, I taste the hops towards the end and there’s very little bitterness. That’s my main complaint about hoppy beers but obviously I was an uneducated fool thinking hops and bitterness went hand-in-hand. This beer has allowed me to fully understand the IBU rating as, I admit, I was slightly confused that a hoppy beer could have such a low IBU (like 20, for this one).

    This beer is what I’d like to consider a perfect combination between my ideal beer and yours.


    1. Mike says:

      Lovely to hear! I think you are right, about the balance between. Our beers. Awesome! For now this is ‘our beer’ (no home)


  4. Mike says:

    Would you agree with a 4* rating?


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