Montecorna’s Ripasso


Name: Ripasso Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2013

Vintner: Remo Farina Montecorna

Grape: Valpolicella (Veneto (North-East Italy))

ABV: 14.0%

Cost: $19.99

About the Wine/Grape: Valpolicella grapes are naturally light in flavor like a Pinot Noir or a Gamay, but the Italians found a way to make the taste more complex and dynamic.  Amarone (the wine in your cabinet) uses a technique called passito, and this one is a “ripasso” (re-passed).  For a passito wine, the grapes are dried out for weeks or even months prior to fermentation, during which time their natural sugars and flavors become sufficiently concentrated to produce deeper, more alcoholic wines. The ripasso method is to ‘re-pass’ (re-ferment) the passito grape skins with standard Valpolicella wine, creating a deeper, more character-laden result.

Review: The smell is divine: such a full aroma.  Velvet on the tongue.  You know how some wine with a lot of flavor is harsh on the tongue?  This isn’t.  It softens the whole mouth before a strong, rich, full but pleasing, and gentle finish.  It’s a wine you could give to someone who doesn’t like real wine (likes sweet wine) which is full of flavor, but they still like it.  Fantastic.  This is probably one of my favorite wines right now.


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