Waterloo Dark

Brewery: Waterloo Brewing Company Type: Dark ABV: 5.0% Taste: Matly and thin but seems slightly watered down. Overall not too bad. Advertisements

Cherry Porter

Brewery: Barley Days Brewery Type: Porter ABV: 5.5% Taste: Malty. A bit of an alcohol taste towards the end. Slight cherry sweetness, not too strong.


Brewery: Muskoka Brewery Type: India Pale Ale ABV: 5.5% Taste: Very hoppy. Light, crisp, typical for an IPA.


Brewery: Lake Of Bays Brewery Type: Red Ale ABV: 5.5% Taste: Overall not bad. Has a bit of hoppiness. Sharp, clean taste.

Royal George Brown Ale

Brewery: Barley Days Brewery Type: Brown ABV: 5.5 Taste: Typical brown ale with a slight sweetness towards the end. Also fairly creamy.


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